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Cover of 'Fifty Million Reasons' by Heather Wardell

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Angela has typical lottery-player plans: help friends and family, give more to charity, and escape her rut. But when she wins big, she faces angry relatives, her own unexpected greed, and a lawsuit from the person who put her in that rut. Almost nobody treats her normally, and they've got fifty million reasons not to.

She can buy anything she wants now, but can she buy the life she needs?

Fifty Million Reasons is available in all electronic formats and in print.

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  • I did a wonderful ten-city tour in March 2014, and at the moment I have no more get-togethers scheduled.
As for writing, in April I'll be doing the final polish of my July release, "Plan Overboard", and then getting to work on the next draft of the book codenamed "Mango", which will be my second release of 2014.

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